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Sand Baggage

Sand Baggage Kit

Sand Baggage Kit

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Sand Baggage is a two-bag companion system built to keep your valuables safe as well as serve as a weighted anchor for your pet, PWC or other valuables. When not in use, Sand Baggage is easily folded and stored inside our Chaperone bag for convenient transportation plus, using the included adjustable corded strap, a stylish hands-free way to carry your small valuables.


  • Sand Baggage sandbag
  • Neoprene Chaperone bag
  • Combination lock & lock pouch
  • Corded adjustable strap

Here's how it Works: Once your perfect beach spot is picked out, simply remove Sand Baggage from your Chaperone bag, unfold it and in a matter of minutes using nothing more than your own two hands fill it with sand. Once Sand Baggage is filled to capacity all you gotta do is place your belongings inside the neoprene Chaperone bag and safely tuck it inside the now sand filled Sand Baggage. Lastly, using the included combination lock, simply feed the lock cable through both zipper pulls as well as the accessories loop and lock the combination lock securely and placing the lock inside the neoprene lock pouch.  

Now all of your items such as your wallet, ID, passport, cash, keys, etc. are safe while you and/or your family and friends enjoy the beach without the fear of theft or the necessity of leaving someone behind to watch over the valuables. Since Sand Baggage weighs up-to 70lbs when full, you can also easily attach other valuables to it like a dog or small PWC using the triple-stitched accessories loop. 

When finished, all you have to do is unlock Sand Baggage and remove the Chaperone bag from it, quickly dump out all the sand returning it back to the beach and simply fold Sand Baggage up and place it back inside the Chaperone bag for easy portability. 

Together they are Sand Baggage. A perfect blend of style and function. Secured by Sand. 

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